About Us

Our Goal

We want qualitative research to be available to every organisation.

New technology has opened the doors for a new level of conversation, understanding and cooperation between brands and consumers, companies and employees, businesses and clients, charitees and donors, clubs and members…

Liveminds helps organisations understand what people need and want, so then they can provide it.

Our Story

Liveminds was born out of the interaction agency Liveline, who use the web to give people better ways to work and new ways to play.
For the last 6 years, Liveline’s team have worked on social app projects for leading brands such as L’Oreal, Paypal, Diesel, and O2 aswell as some of the most innovative tech start-ups in London.

Our team began working in online qual back in 2007, after a leading agency asked us to help them interact with participants online. We spent 3 years working with other people’s platforms, seeing researchers in pain and learning how the experience, could and should be, for them.
Then we started to make it.
Liveminds launched in May 2010 and we are proud to say is now used by a huge range of businesses around the world, from boutique creative studios to multinational research agencies.

Our People

Hugh Carling
Hugh is the strategic director of Liveminds and interaction agency Liveline.
He works to help our clients understand how our software and services can get them closer to consumers.
Hugh has been working in the social web, creating and managing communities, since 2001.  He will not rest until every organisation is using technology to interact more with people and give them what they really want.
Favourite conversation: Basil Fawlty meets The Germans
James Bebbington
James is the technical visionary behind the software. Having built online software for clients large and small for over ten years he constantly strives to create elegant software that hides complexity and delights its users. He hopes you likes Liveminds.
Nick Grimshaw
Senior Developer
As one of the developers of the Liveminds software, Nick spends most of his time with his sleeves rolled up making the software and the servers play nicely together.
Nick has been wearing both Developer and Systems Administration hats since he was a small lad, and has no plans to stop any time soon.
David Cairns
Operations Director
David works closely with Hugh on both Liveminds and digital marketing agency Liveline. Two thirds of David’s role on Liveminds involve looking after company admin & operational issues including finance. The final third is devoted to marketing and vision for the company, along with a little direct business development.
Favourite conversation: Ron Burgundy – San Diego

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