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Why Online Communities Are a Key Path to Growth

Online CommunitiesOnline communities are identified as a ‘key path to growth in market research’ in the new Green Book Report 2014, for very good reason. They combine the best of ad-hoc qualitative research with unparalleled speed and agility, and reduced recruitment costs. They are good for the brands who need fast access to insight and good for the agencies who provide regular consultation through them.

In this four-part feature we’ll explore the benefits, the problems, the options available and also look at the huge elephant in the room…

Hindi Added to the Platform

1024px-Flag_of_India.svgनमस्ते Namaste! We have now added Hindi, the official language of India, to the list of available languages on the Liveminds platform.

According to the BBC, nearly 425 million people speak Hindi as a first language and around 120 million as a second language. That’s another 550 million people you can now interact with on Liveminds!

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The 9 Skills You Need to Master Online Qual

Masterminds Logo Online qualitative has become an indispensible method for researchers today. More and more clients expect to see it used. The researchers who use it properly are better placed to uncover more vivid insights that are grounded in a real-world context. However, although online qual software is technically easy to use, getting the most out of it requires a degree of specialist skill and knowledge. The Masterminds course has been designed with this in mind. It will put you on a fast track to online qualitative mastery.

The course is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to apply your personal style of qualitative research in an online context.  Here are nine of the skills you would walk away with:

Why Short is Sweet With Participant Videos

Short is Sweet - Danny DeVitoVideo allows you to be there ‘in the moment’ with your participants as never before. But how do you ensure that you get the most from the video content they create and share? Keeping videos ‘short and sweet’ is the single most important thing. Here’s why:

Centre stage

Some participants may relish the opportunity to get in front of the camera, others may feel anxious about their screen debut. Suggesting a 30 second time limit on videos makes participants feel comfortable knowing what is expected of them.

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13 Reasons Why Online Qual Should Not be Done Live

13We are big believers that every qualitative research method has it’s pros and cons. Researchers need to use the right ones at the right times to get the insights they need. Face-to-face research has the obvious advantage of enabling you to see the ‘whites of the participants eyes’ and read their body language. Online qualitative research enables participants to give greater consideration to their responses and go into greater depth. Mobile enables you be there ‘in the moment’ with participants and capture thoughts and experiences with rich, emotive media.

The odd one out is live online focus groups. They don’t enable you to do anything better, bar extending geographic reach.

Ukrainian Language Added to the Platform

Flag of UkraineDespite all the troubles, research in the country continues. We’ve now added Ukrainian to the list of available languages on the Liveminds platform. According to a March 2010 poll by Research & Branding Group, it is the native language of 65% of Ukraine’s population, with Russian at 33%. So that’s another 31 million people you can now interact with on Liveminds.

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Wearable Market Research

Google Glass Wearer The limitations of traditional market research, when applied to customer decision making are well documented. Face to face groups are subject to dominant voices, an instinct to please the questioner and the behavioural bias towards herding leading to collective views.

The effect of these limitations can to some extent be offset by clever facilitation. But the biggest problem remains – that groups are too far removed from actual customer experience. Even the use of clip board surveys at shop exists still do not get close enough to the moments that matter.

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Use Video to Lead Your Horses to Water

Horse to waterEveryday we are confronted with a massive amount of information – emails and text messages and gas bills and Chinese takeaway menus and movie posters and newspaper articles – right down to the painted signs warning us to look left or right before stepping off the kerb on every major intersection in London.

Words are everywhere.

A study published in the journal Science found that “there is now 295 exabytes of data floating around the world – that’s 29,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 pieces of information.” (Yes, that’s a number with 20 zeroes in it.) On average, we consume about 100,000 words a day. That’s a lot of words to digest in a single day.

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The Fool-Proof Way to Get Honest Responses

Sam HerringRecently, I was at dinner party and someone mentioned the Future Islands video that went viral last month. The video shows front man, Sam Herring, dancing like a mad man on David Letterman. The general reaction at the dinner table was laughter and the group unequivocally agreed that Herring was a corny buffoon.

Personally, I find that kind of passion refreshing. However, rather than state my opinion, I simply laughed with the rest of the group and went back to my steak & ale pie.

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Most of us, at one point or another, have been in a situation where others have influenced our opinions. Imagine you were in a group where 9 out of 10 people didn’t share your point of view on a subject. Would you start doubting yourself? Or would you stand your ground?

Another Huge Speed Boost

Speed BoostAs the meteoric rise of Google’s Chrome ‘fast’ browser has shown, speed is the most important thing to most web users. A new ad campaign by a Swedish broadband provider illustrates this brilliantly, using Facebook’s newly purchased VR technology Oculus Rift, to show how real life would be if you had to ‘live with lag.’

We’ve already made some big speed boosts to Liveminds over the last few months.

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