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It’s a Big World! Explore it with Liveminds…

luggageGlobal brands need in-depth insight into their customers and markets at home and away. Moving international research projects online makes it easier to reach out to people in other markets, saves money on travel costs and provides rich, cross-border insights that give your clients a better picture of themselves as a ‘global brand’.

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Case Study: Cultural Insight Leads to Business Growth

at homeThe Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with global market research consultancy, The Futures Company, to help their client, AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint manufacturer, to create a global repository of cultural insight to underpin their consumer, category and brand understanding.

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3 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Qualitative Research

hashtag imageThe explorative nature of qualitative research makes social media networks the perfect environments to test reactions, recruit participants and engage with long-term communities online. Here are three of the most effective ways to use social media qual research online:

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5 Ways to Package Online Qual

chilliCan you hear the screeching sound of worn-out wheels? It’s just the bandwagon passing, creaking under the strain of so many agencies claiming to be a part of the latest industry trends. From ‘co-creation’ to ‘agile research’ and ‘behavioural economics’ – gratuitous use of these buzzwords can irritate clients and come across as cynical attempts to appear progressive. They hear them coming a mile off.

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Why Facebook is the Ultimate Way to Engage Participants

recordstoreWhen researchers first come to talk to us about online qual, they often say that they find it hard to get their group engaged in the same way they can with face-to-face research. We like to think we’ve created a really easy experience for participants new to the Liveminds platform. But the simple fact remains – they have to adjust to using it. More complex community platforms amplify this problem – more alien features, more things to learn, more confusion and frustration.

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Facebook: The Easy Way to Get Great Participants for Global Research

bluecrowdOnline methods have made global research projects easier, faster and cheaper. However, our clients tell us that recruitment for global qualitative research is a hit-and-miss affair. Currently they have two options:

1. Traditional recruitment methods

These depend on personal networks which can work well locally, with very firmly established, regular relationships. But on a global scale, too often they become too slow, too unreliable or too expensive – or all three.

Mastering Online Qualitative Research Starts Here

Masterminds Promo PhotoTake your skills as a researcher to the next level, with a one-day masterclass in online qualitative techniques.


“…we as researchers focus on how to use technology to collect insights in a better way. Instead we should be thinking about the technologies we have available to us that can help us collect insights that we could never collect before…”

Stan Sthanunathan, Sr. Vice President – Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

Live(minds) Long and Prosper with a Bold New Feature

milkywayOnline qual: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Liveminds. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new concepts, to seek out new insights and new possibilities, to boldly go where no researcher has gone before…

We are pleased to announce our newest feature on the platform! You can now distinguish clearly, from the project dashboard, whether a question is currently published or waiting in the wings to go live.

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5 Ways to Win Over Your Workmates with Online Qual

Trooping the ColourWe humans sometimes struggle with change. So it’s quite possible that some of your colleagues view online qual with a degree of scepticism (and perhaps even trepidation). However, with a little reassurance and proper project planning you will be able to win them over and help your agency to progress and succeed.

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Sometimes F2F Is Better – Let’s Chat at Insight ’15

networkLeading marketing and insight professionals will soon be gathering at Insight ’15 to discover the cutting-edge solutions they need to understand consumer behaviour, increase customer satisfaction, drive sales and improve business performance.

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Insight ’15, Europe’s leading event for insight professionals, is returning as a standalone event from 29-30 April 2015 at Olympia Central, London and we are attending as guests of our good friends at Trinity McQueen. Come along to Stand IA10 and say hello – I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones.