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Four Tips for Crafting Colourful Online Qual Reports

colourful300Clients want research that paints vivid pictures of their customers’. But when it comes to writing debriefs, time or budgetary pressures force many qualitative researchers to paraphrase what people have said rather than including verbatim quotes. While this may still capture the main points people made, the reports lose some of their colour.

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Complex Research Recruitment for Shopper Study in New Zealand

groceries300Liveminds recently completed a successful participant recruitment project for New Zealand based strategic insights agency The Thinking Studio. The agency wanted to conduct research into food shopping experiences in Auckland, New Zealand, and needed to find people across different life stages to track their food shopping behaviour. Facebook-powered recruitment ensured they were found based on very detailed insights on their real interests and behaviours, rather than relying on reported data.



The Guardian Discovers How Short-form Videos Connect with Its Younger Audience

research into video for news websiteThe Challenge

In response to changes in the online video market, the Guardian commissioned Hook Research to provide insight into how they could better position their short-form video offerings. Working with the Liveminds online research platform, Hook directly connected with the Guardian’s younger, progressive target market and provided actionable research that had a direct impact on editorial decisions.

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Perfect Your Online Research Pitch to New Clients

online qual market research trainingAre you losing business through lack of confidence? Develop your understanding of online qual to win new business, increase your profits and stay at the forefront of research innovation.

The next Masterminds session on 16th September is all the training and support you need. In just one day you can learn how to design, run and sell inspirational online qual projects.

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Five Ways to Conduct Better Auto-Ethnography Research

auto ethnography online qual market research methodA good insight is like a fridge, according to Jeremy Bullmore. When you open it, a light comes on. The more vividly qualitative researchers can communicate insights, the more enlightening they will be. This is one of the main reasons why auto-ethnographic methods can be so powerful. Asking people to record their lives and behaviour in a natural context, can help researchers to uncover insights and then articulate them more evocatively. In so doing, the power of that insight is intensified.

Review: Market Research In A Week

market research online qualitative methodsThe second edition of Judy Bartkowiak’s Market Research in a Week is a no-nonsense guide to the world of market research. Judy has broken down this complex subject into seven manageable chapters that clearly explain the fundamental processes involved in undertaking a market research project without using too much insider jargon.

The book provides a detailed explanation of the different project stages, from the initial design all the way through to the final research analysis and presentation of results. Judy covers both qualitative and quantitative research to give the reader a full understanding of both methods.

The Pink Cape: How do Boys Feel about Female Superheroes?

How do boys feel about female superheroes?In the latest post in our series by industry experts, Debbie Bray from Hook Research tells us how boys really feel about female superheroes.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that the industry is definitely gravitating towards female leads.”

That’s from Margot Robbie, the actress playing Harley Quinn in this summer’s newest superhero flick, Suicide Squad. Of the film’s many masked supervillains shooting across the screen, currently only Robbie’s character has been greenlit for her own standalone sequel (trumping male characters played by Jared Leto and Will Smith).

Three Key Challenges of Online Qual in Emerging Markets

Online Market Research in AfricaIn the latest post in our series by industry experts, Moowa Masani tells us how to counter the challenges of carrying out online qual research in emerging markets, particularly in Africa

A few years ago I managed the West African leg of a global study commissioned by a European innovation agency. Fieldwork involved telephone interviews with local industry experts and social commentators. The young project coordinator, who was inexperienced in fieldwork in Africa, grew frustrated with the pace of the work despite having been told that his timelines were unrealistic and at one point made comparisons with work in Indonesia.

Seven Tips for Creative Development in Online Qual

igrafitti300In a digital world where copy and creative can be quickly launched and dynamically A/B tested, some might wonder whether there’s still a role for qualitative pre-testing. In my view its value is as high as ever, if not higher. While behavioural data shows you how people interact with content, qual research takes your understanding to an even deeper level by helping you make sense of what people think, how they behave and how they feel.

These tips for creative development in online qual research can be applied to any piece of creative that you want to pre-test, from digital creative to social media content, TV advertising and more.

How to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes in Global Research

Caïn by Henri VidalIn the latest post in our series by industry experts, Laia Vinyeta tells us about the importance of cultural understanding when carrying out international research projects.

International projects have some specific needs that are sometimes unmet. Whenever many different people from different countries are involved in the same project, the leading and management become quite difficult. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to consider online tools such as diaries or communities for qualitative research. Online diaries or communities have many strengths.