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Slice and Dice Your Transcripts With Spotlight

Spotlight On Did you know you can export your content, exactly as you want it, by using the Spotlight tool?

Participants in Liveminds projects write more than a page a day, on average. Add in illustrative images and personal video clips and the amount of data gathered in online projects can be quite staggering. Lots of researchers still prefer to do their analysis offline. Using the right export tool in the right way, will help you with with the process and save you time.

In this post we’ll show you how easy it is to do in Liveminds.

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How to Get Incentives Right in Online Qual

Some researchers assume that working online will be a magic bullet to the usual cost of incentivising participants. It’s not. Time is still money.

Get Research Incentives Right

People’s time needs to be rewarded properly, wherever, and however, they are engaging with your research. Otherwise, they simply won’t give you the depth your project deserves. Put yourself in their shoes – would you treat two hours of your week spent talking online to strangers, any differently to two hours spent in a focus group? In 4 years of running qualitative research projects on Liveminds, we’ve been very proud to see, again and again, participants’ high activation rates, high engagement rates and high completion rates. If ever we don’t, we follow up to see what participants were paid. Guess what? It’s ALWAYS the problem.

Why Brands Need Online Research More Than Ever

Blockbuster USAWe live in a world where we are more connected than ever. We can pick up a phone and speak to family and friends on the other side of the world, video conference them or just update them on what’s going on in our lives. But it isn’t just friends we can contact. We can play online games with complete strangers, ask political leaders questions and join global movements. The Internet has enabled a human connectivity like never before. Conversations are happening on a global scale. They offer hope of greater connection, education and understanding.

But despite this connectivity, the vast majority of newly launched products and services fail – in fact some estimates are 95%. 


3 Reasons to Use Video To Bring Your Research to Life

The power of video

1. It adds power to your presentation

As strong as your ideas may be, lengthy documents with words and charts make it hard to engage your audience. However, well produced and cleverly used video with a simple premise and engaging visuals, can capture the attention of your audience immediately. Using video in your research presentations is especially helpful if you are exploring a complex topic – an insight from the right consumer at the right time, can be a quick and valuable shorthand way to help the client understand your findings.  (CC Image courtesy of AlbertFreeman on Flickr.)

Norwegian Language Added to the Platform

Flag of NorwayWe’ve added Norwegian to the list of available languages on the Liveminds platform. It is currently the third most widely spoken North Germanic language by number of speakers. So that’s another 5 million people you can now interact with on Liveminds.

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Huge Speed Boost to Liveminds Platform

Speed Boost to Liveminds PlatformThey say patience is a virtue but they also say time is money. All qualitative researchers know about the pressures of meeting tight deadlines on limited budgets. Every second counts in the digital world. Indeed, stats show that 40% of internet users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Speed clearly plays an important role in user experience.

That’s why things just got a lot faster at Liveminds. Thanks to recent updates, the ‘average question page’ now loads in just half the time it did before. This makes setting up and managing your projects faster and easier than ever. And it also means you can keep the flow of conversation going between you and your users.

Patience is a virtue, yes, and some things do take time. But we are very pleased to say that Liveminds page load isn’t one of them.  If you’ve got a question about this or any other feature, get in touch.

CC Image courtesy of Julian Lim on Flickr.

Welcoming Lizzie to the Liveminds Team

Lizzie Cree Joins The Liveminds TeamI am very excited to introduce the newest member of the Liveminds team to you, Lizzie Cree. Lizzie has joined us as a Junior Account Executive and will be supporting Jeanine in the management of client projects and myself in some exciting, but as yet, top secret new projects.

Lizzie has an academic calibre that puts the rest of us to shame but has already shown off her creative abilities too, coining the ‘MasterMinds’ name for our new online research training workshops.

Her main passion, beyond pushing the boundaries of online qualitative research, is geography, especially the study of rain, which has come in very handy recently on the journey to and from the Liveminds office. We are really happy to have Lizzie join our team and are sure that you will be too.

What Type of Online Qualitative Researcher Are You?

MastermindClient demand for online qualitative research continues to grow.  However not all agencies are in a position to benefit. If you think that your team could be growing its online qual business more effectively, then the Masterminds Training Workshop could be just what you need. The session is designed to turn your team into a bunch of online qualitative masterminds….

Whether it be ethnography, co-creation or good old-fashioned group discussions, more and more clients are expecting it to happen online. However, some qualitative researchers are yet to feel inspired to work this way. 

A segmentation of online qualitative researchers might look something like this…

New Feature – A Media Player for Any Screen

Video is a key part of online + mobile research, whether it’s capturing a participant’s frustration at terrible service or showing competitive brands’ TV advertising as stimulus. However video is being used, with the plethora of different screens that people are using these days, it’s essential for everyone get a clear, consistent viewing experience, whatever the device.

New Liveminds Media PlayerFor many years, ‘Flash’ has been the standard and indeed best technology for people who watch videos online. Then, Apple decided they didn’t like Flash and so paved their own way, using more open standards, but in doing so, often making it impossible for people to actually watch what they wanted to. Fortunately, the growth of HTML5 came to the rescue, enabling designers to do lots of the fun things Flash did before, but with a new, more open approach.

Big Fish Martin Talks Joins to Accelerate Growth

2013 was a huge year for Liveminds. Our team increased threefold and we’re proud to have now worked for more than 80 clients in 36 countries, in 24 languages. Even so, we know we are just getting started.

Martin Talks

So we are very happy to announce that Martin Talks, former CEO/ ‘Big Fish’ of leading digital agency Blue Barracuda, has joined our Advisory Board, to help us achieve our goals. Martin has spent the last 20 years advising some of the world’s leading brands including Coca Cola, eBay and Pizza Hut. He grew Blue Barracuda from a 2 to a 70 person firm, before it was acquired by advertising network Draftfcb and he became their Global Digital Lead. Before that, he listed an online platform business, shares information pioneer, on the London Stock Exchange. On top, and perhaps because of all of that, he has also just written a book, “A to Z of Digital Detoxing”, available now – seemingly ironically – from all good e-bookstores.

Martin’s wisdom, experience and comic finesse are a huge boon to our team. We are really looking forward to working with him and growing Liveminds together in the years ahead.