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Will AI Replace Human Insight in Market Research?

robotC300In the latest post in our series by industry experts, Martin Talks from Matomico tells us that despite the rise of artificial intelligence, it’s not game over yet for human market research.

Recently we heard about the death of Marvin Minsky, the artificial intelligence pioneer. He viewed the brain as a machine whose functions could be replicated in a computer. And he is not alone in this dream. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM share it.

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6 Tips for Analysing Online Qual Research Efficiently

beans300One big advantage of text based online qualitative over face-to-face research, is that you get real-time transcripts of the conversation. On the one hand, this means you immediately have a wealth of content to extract valuable insights from. On the other, it means you have an embarrassment of riches to process.

Here are six tips for analysing online qual research in asynchronous projects more efficiently:


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6 Tips for Moderating Online Qualitative Research

group300The skills you need to moderate online qualitative research are similar to those that you need in face-to-face, namely:

  • an appreciation of when to talk and when to listen
  • being able to encourage people to open up
  • keeping the conversation on track to answer the research objectives

However, the medium is different. You have to ask questions in a way that keeps people engaged and maximises the usefulness of their responses.

Here are six tips for moderating online qual:

Master Online Research in 2016

Do you want to have greater control over when and where you work?

Are you losing business because you’re not confident pitching online research?

Enhance your expertise and increase your value by mastering online qual – an essential method for researchers in 2016.


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Your Christmas Gift from Liveminds

This year, instead of sending out cards that just gather dust or gifts that are soon forgotten, we asked our clients and friends to help us spread the seasonal goodwill by making a real difference to someone’s Christmas.

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They chose which of three charities they’d most like to support and we donated £500 proportionally between them. Today, we’ve tallied up the votes and this is what they asked us to buy:


Behaviour Change Requires Behaviour Change

113Btag300In the latest post in our series by industry experts, Caroline Hayter from Acacia Avenue highlights the benefits of using online research in conjunction with more traditional methods.

Pretty much every marketing objective these days is to prompt some sort of behaviour change. In fact, it always has been. But it’s much more at the forefront of our thinking in this age of behavioural economics. New behaviour change agencies have been founded, behavioural research techniques have been developed and attitude is no longer the powerful measure that it once was.

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10 Ways to Inspire Deeper Engagement in Online Qual

neonbulb300In face-to-face qualitative research you have a captive audience. Once people sit down, they aren’t going anywhere (although, I did once have a cheeky chap go to the toilet never to return – he may still be there). This is not the case in online qual as respondents can drop out at any point. To keep them engaged and inspired you have to go the extra mile.

Here are ten ways to keep people interested:

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3 Expert Tips for Doing Kids Research Online

girltabletIn the first of a new series of blog posts by industry experts, Judy Bartkowiak draws on her vast experience of working with children and shows how to get the best results:

I have been running kids focus groups for so many years and before that I ran a Montessori Nursery School so as well as having hands-on experience of kids as a mum of four myself, I have worked with them for over 25 years. They can be absolutely great, hilariously funny, uniquely insightful and very direct.

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3 Essential Reasons to Use Facebook for Research

This year we took the unique step of using Facebook’s unparalleled access to over 1 billion people, to recruit and run global research communities. The results have blown us away. We have discovered so much more in this approach that we’d anticipated.

So, one year on, I’d like to share the three most compelling reasons why you should start unlocking the vast wealth of insight waiting on the world’s largest social network:

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