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Is There a Fear of Facebook?

Security - LivemindsIn recent weeks there have been several legal challenges to Facebook, in Europe and the United States, for the way it shares users’ personal data with businesses or governments. European data protection watchdogs are currently reviewing whether Facebook’s privacy policy, which came into effect at the beginning of this year, broke the region’s strict privacy rules.

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6 Practical Steps to Manage Client Expectations

cakesAll too often the old adage ‘under promise, over deliver’ only comes to mind in hindsight, by which point it’s too late! However, with a bit of foresight and these six tips, you will be perfectly placed to sell through online qual projects that meet everyone’s expectations. Leaving you with happier clients, participants and moderators.

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The Surprising Truth That Gets You Closer to Consumers

hug imageA common misconception about online qualitative research is that you lose the rapport with participants. This is simply not true – you can develop great relationships in online groups, now that people are so used to communicating online via Facebook and other social networks. Online qual allows you to gather open, honest responses and get deeper, richer insights.

A client, new to online qual, recently told me that, after completing a week-long pre-task on the platform, she visited her participants for some at home in-depth interviews. She was welcomed into several participant’s homes with hugs, as if greeting old friends, because of the warm and trusting relationships she had formed online.

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How to Transfer your Skills to Online Qual

rubiksExperience and education have given you the skills you need to run successful projects but have you applied them profitably online? Transferring your skills online can feel daunting, particularly when you aren’t familiar with all of the possibilities or the potential pitfalls. The Masterminds course offers simple techniques to help you apply your knowledge to online qual with confidence.

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5 Creative Ways to Inspire Clients with Online Qual

Boy and guitarWinning projects can largely depend on your ability to impress potential clients with the rewarding possibilities of using online qual. It’s one thing being able to cost and highlight the advantages of online qual, but it’s another to be able to inspire your clients.

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A quote that inspired me, to inspire you (to inspire your clients) comes from Stan Sthanunathan;

Sony uses Facebook Qual Research to Inspire its Social Strategy

Sony Facebook ScreenshotWhat was the challenge?

Liveminds recently worked with Sony, the multinational electronics conglomerate, and Tempero, the world’s largest social media management agency, to help shape their social content strategy. The challenge was to work out the type of content most worth investing in to deliver against Sony’s brand strategy and maximise engagement.

Liveminds Tips: Blocker Questions – Do’s & Don’ts

effortless online qualBlocker questions can change the dynamic of an online qual project. They allow you to create different phases within your research that are unbiased and in turn keep participants engaged. However, blocker questions can cause havoc if not used with careful consideration, believe me, we’ve seen it happen!

Here is our simple guide to using blocker questions within Liveminds and ensuring your participants don’t become stuck at the starting gate.

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10 Ways to Get More Profit from Online Qual

Graph With Stacks Of CoinsEven if your clients or research colleagues love the idea of online qualitative research and buy into its advantages over face-to-face there are several things that you need to know to ensure you make the most of your project. These ten tips will help you avoid the pitfalls, and make a healthy profit from online qual.

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Don’t Miss the Shift Towards Behavioural Research

freak1To keep nourishing my mind and because everyone in the office finds my music selection a bit weird, I have been listening to quite a few podcasts recently. This thought provoking Freakonomics podcast on behavioural research struck me as particularly relevant.

Freakonomics Radio – The Maddest Men of All

“Advertisers have always been adept at manipulating our emotions. Now they’re using behavioural economics to get even better.”

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Case Study: Ad Agency Pitch using Mobile Video

CC Image courtesy of Beth910 on FlikrWhat was the challenge?

Liveminds recently helped VCCP, the award winning international advertising agency, with their pitch for a popular retailer. The aim of the research was to explore the rational and emotional hooks and barriers to carrying out home improvement projects. The challenge was to get into the real world of customers, to really understand the psychology behind DIY and the emotions that surround successful, and unsuccessful, projects.

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