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Sometimes F2F Is Better – Let’s Chat at Insight ’15

networkLeading marketing and insight professionals will soon be gathering at Insight ’15 to discover the cutting-edge solutions they need to understand consumer behaviour, increase customer satisfaction, drive sales and improve business performance.

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Insight ’15, Europe’s leading event for insight professionals, is returning as a standalone event from 29-30 April 2015 at Olympia Central, London and we are attending as guests of our good friends at Trinity McQueen. Come along to Stand IA10 and say hello – I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones.

Is There a Fear of Facebook?

Security - LivemindsIn recent weeks there have been several legal challenges to Facebook, in Europe and the United States, for the way it shares users’ personal data with businesses or governments. European data protection watchdogs are currently reviewing whether Facebook’s privacy policy, which came into effect at the beginning of this year, broke the region’s strict privacy rules. Facebook has denied claims that it breaches EU Law.

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6 Practical Steps to Manage Client Expectations

cakesAll too often the old adage ‘under promise, over deliver’ only comes to mind in hindsight, by which point it’s too late! However, with a bit of foresight and these six tips, you will be perfectly placed to sell through online qual projects that meet everyone’s expectations. Leaving you with happier clients, participants and moderators.

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How to Transfer your Skills to Online Qual

rubiksExperience and education have given you the skills you need to run successful projects but have you applied them profitably online? Transferring your skills online can feel daunting, particularly when you aren’t familiar with all of the possibilities or the potential pitfalls. The Masterminds course offers simple techniques to help you apply your knowledge to online qual with confidence.

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5 Creative Ways to Inspire Clients with Online Qual

Boy and guitarWinning projects can largely depend on your ability to impress potential clients with the rewarding possibilities of using online qual. It’s one thing being able to cost and highlight the advantages of online qual, but it’s another to be able to inspire your clients.

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A quote that inspired me, to inspire you (to inspire your clients) comes from Stan Sthanunathan;

Sony uses Facebook Qual Research to Inspire its Social Strategy

Sony Facebook ScreenshotWhat was the challenge?

Liveminds recently worked with Sony, the multinational electronics conglomerate, and Tempero, the world’s largest social media management agency, to help shape their social content strategy. The challenge was to work out the type of content most worth investing in to deliver against Sony’s brand strategy and maximise engagement.

Where Online Research Communities Fail

An Empty PartyIn my last post, we looked at the 7 compelling reasons why brands should create their own online research community. The benefits of speed, cost and depth of research are certainly very attractive.

However, researchers often tell me that the current reality is that there are also some very big hurdles to get over. These are stopping a lot of brands from creating their own communities, and preventing those that do, from getting real value from them.

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The 3 big problems that clients and agencies have shared with me in conversation are:

Why Online Communities Are a Key Path to Growth

Online CommunitiesOnline communities are identified as a ‘key path to growth in market research’ in the new Green Book Report 2014, for very good reason. They combine the best of ad-hoc qualitative research with unparalleled speed and agility, and reduced recruitment costs. They are good for the brands who need fast access to insight and good for the agencies who provide regular consultation through them.

In this four-part feature we’ll explore the benefits, the problems, the options available and also look at the huge elephant in the room…

Wearable Market Research

Google Glass Wearer The limitations of traditional market research, when applied to customer decision making are well documented. Face to face groups are subject to dominant voices, an instinct to please the questioner and the behavioural bias towards herding leading to collective views.

The effect of these limitations can to some extent be offset by clever facilitation. But the biggest problem remains – that groups are too far removed from actual customer experience. Even the use of clip board surveys at shop exists still do not get close enough to the moments that matter.

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Why Brands Need Online Research More Than Ever

Blockbuster USAWe live in a world where we are more connected than ever. We can pick up a phone and speak to family and friends on the other side of the world, video conference them or just update them on what’s going on in our lives. But it isn’t just friends we can contact. We can play online games with complete strangers, ask political leaders questions and join global movements. The Internet has enabled a human connectivity like never before. Conversations are happening on a global scale. They offer hope of greater connection, education and understanding.

But despite this connectivity, the vast majority of newly launched products and services fail – in fact some estimates are 95%.