Custom Questions – Go Beyond Conversation & Observation

Great online qual research is typically about engaging participants in good conversations and observing what they really do, as they live their lives. Sometimes though, you may want to go beyond that, with ‘quantitative’ questions or more creative visual exercises in your Liveminds project. Sometimes your clients may demand it of you.

30 new question types

Now you can easily do that with the launch of our ‘Custom Questions’ service. This gives you the option of choosing from more than 30 extra research questions types in your Liveminds project. These range from simple polls to tables, ranking exercises, image heat maps and card sorting exercises. It gives you a huge range of extra tools in your box, to get exactly the results you need.

How it works

  • You send us your Custom Question requirements.
  • We create the question and post it to your project.
  • You test it and confirm it’s exactly as needed.
  • We schedule the publication date and add a link in your Project Details form, giving you a visual summary of the data as it comes in. 
  • When you’re done, you get a one click download of the raw data. That’s it! 

Easy engagement

When your question is published, participants will receive an email telling there is something new for them to do. They simply open the question and click the Custom Question link, revealing it to them. They post their response, confirm the question is complete and move straight onto the next activity.

Keeping it simple

The great news is that all this extra power is offered without in any way compromising the beautiful simplicity of the Liveminds platform. All this extra functionality only appears when you need it. Here are two illustrations of the new Custom Questions:

Card Sorting

Ranking Exercise

Try it for free

Existing clients can try out some example Custom Questions now, by following this link to their Agency 3000 case studies account. 

If you’d like to have a demo, get a quote, or want to find out more about how we can help with your next online qualitative research project, please get in touch now.


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