Duplicate Your Projects, Categories & Questions

Nothing is more dull than writing the same things twice. Copy and paste is a lifesaving tool but wouldn’t it be even better if you could just click a button and everything you’d just typed was instantly duplicated, straight away?


Well, the new feature we’ve added to Liveminds enables you to do just that. So, whether you are creating a diary study and wanting to ask the same questions each day of the week, or whether you want to set up another whole project for another market, with an identical discussion guide, now with one click it’s all done. You can even duplicate an individual question.

We think this new feature will save some of you a lot of time and make the set up of your Liveminds project even faster and easier than before. Yet, none of this will compromise the huge flexibility of the  Liveminds platform to create your project in exactly the way that you want to.

If you’d like to see how this or any other Liveminds feature works, please do get in touch.

(CC Image courtesy of Ethermoon on Flickr)

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