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Great Ways to Enhance Market Research & UX Testing with Video – Part 2

LivemindsMobileApp300In part one of this two-part post, Brian Loeb from LeapVision showed how remote video helped with Ethnographies and In-depth interviews (IDIs), in this installment he highlights the benefits that remote video can bring to User Experience (UX) testing and Online/mobile communities.

Great Ways to Enhance Market Research & UX Testing with Video – Part 1

shirts300In the first installment of this two-part post, Brian Loeb from LeapVision highlights the benefits of using remote video for ethnographies and in-depth interviews.

Thanks to the unrelenting advance of technology we can now interact face-to-face even when we are in another place. Video ubiquity provides great benefits to qualitative and UX research, and showing faces is just one side of it. Beyond the importance of seeing the participant’s face, researchers may be even more interested in seeing how they interact with products, services, devices, designs and content.

Learn How to Increase Your Online Qual Profits

learning300Our Masterminds sessions offer all the training and support you need to win new business, increase your profits and stay at the forefront of research innovation. In just one day you can learn how to design, run and sell inspiring online qual projects.

The next scheduled Masterminds training session will be on Friday 24th June 2016 in Shoreditch, London.

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Seven Tips for Insightfully Analysing Online Qual

sweetie300One of the biggest assets of online qualitative research also represents one of its biggest challenges, namely how to analyse large volumes of feedback. These seven tips will help moderators manage the load and make it easier to write a thorough and insightful report as quickly as possible.


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Do you get More Insight from Kids Online or Offline?

boyonline300The Challenge

Judy Bartkowiak from Kids Brands Europe – Kids Research, a specialist children’s research agency, felt that she may be able to get more intimate insight from kids using online qualitative research rather than traditional face-to-face focus groups. She wanted to directly compare the two methods and explore which one encouraged kids to give the most reflective, personal responses on emotional issues.

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Why all Research Recruitment Will be Done This Way

needle300Do you feel let down by your research recruitment? Since we launched our qualitative platform clients have told us again and again that they’re frustrated with existing recruitment methods. And we’ve seen again and again what a huge impact bad recruitment can have on projects.


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How to INSPIRE Online Qual Participants with your Intro

watercolorhello300First impressions count so it’s important to get your introduction right if you want to get the most out of your online qual participants. The introduction is the first thing they will read when they enter the project, so what you say and how you say it can have a big impact on group dynamics thereafter. In a word, you have to inspire the new participants, which by sheer coincidence also happens to be a snappy acronym.

What Makes the Perfect Online Qual Participant?

halo300The clue is in the title. I’m purposely not referring to people who do online qual research as ‘respondents’ or ‘sample’. To do so would imply that they are somehow passive guinea pigs in an experiment. Instead, we need to respect them as individuals in order to inspire them to actively participate.

To find the perfect participants you need to ask yourself these five questions when designing recruitment for online qual research:


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Get Online Research Tips from Industry Experts

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We’ve recently begun a new series of posts by industry experts, giving a voice to wider views on the role of technology and social media in the future of research. We’re very excited to welcome some of the industry’s brightest minds to share their experience with you.


6 Tips for Analysing Online Qual Research Efficiently

beans300One big advantage of text based online qualitative over face-to-face research, is that you get real-time transcripts of the conversation. On the one hand, this means you immediately have a wealth of content to extract valuable insights from. On the other, it means you have an embarrassment of riches to process.

Here are six tips for analysing online qual research in asynchronous projects more efficiently:


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