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Sometimes F2F Is Better – Let’s Chat at Insight ’15

networkLeading marketing and insight professionals will soon be gathering at Insight ’15 to discover the cutting-edge solutions they need to understand consumer behaviour, increase customer satisfaction, drive sales and improve business performance.

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Insight ’15, Europe’s leading event for insight professionals, is returning as a standalone event from 29-30 April 2015 at Olympia Central, London and we are attending as guests of our good friends at Trinity McQueen. Come along to Stand IA10 and say hello – I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones.

How to Transfer your Skills to Online Qual

rubiksExperience and education have given you the skills you need to run successful projects but have you applied them profitably online? Transferring your skills online can feel daunting, particularly when you aren’t familiar with all of the possibilities or the potential pitfalls. The Masterminds course offers simple techniques to help you apply your knowledge to online qual with confidence.

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Sony uses Facebook Qual Research to Inspire its Social Strategy

Sony Facebook ScreenshotWhat was the challenge?

Liveminds recently worked with Sony, the multinational electronics conglomerate, and Tempero, the world’s largest social media management agency, to help shape their social content strategy. The challenge was to work out the type of content most worth investing in to deliver against Sony’s brand strategy and maximise engagement.

10 Ways to Get More Profit from Online Qual

Graph With Stacks Of CoinsEven if your clients or research colleagues love the idea of online qualitative research and buy into its advantages over face-to-face there are several things that you need to know to ensure you make the most of your project. These ten tips will help you avoid the pitfalls, and make a healthy profit from online qual.

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Don’t Miss the Shift Towards Behavioural Research

freak1To keep nourishing my mind and because everyone in the office finds my music selection a bit weird, I have been listening to quite a few podcasts recently. This thought provoking Freakonomics podcast on behavioural research struck me as particularly relevant.

Freakonomics Radio – The Maddest Men of All

“Advertisers have always been adept at manipulating our emotions. Now they’re using behavioural economics to get even better.”

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How to Master Online Qualitative Research

Masterminds LogoMasterminds is the fast track to online qualitative research mastery. If you’re interested in developing your understanding of online qual in order to talk about it, sell it and ultimately run it more effectively, then this course is for you.

Taking place in London on Friday 13th March, this Masterminds course will give you the knowledge and confidence to apply your personal style of qual research in an online context.

How Online Qualitative Research Can Stop Death by PowerPoint

No doubt at some point in your career you have either killed or been killed by power-point. There’s nothing quite as fatal to attention spans as a text-heavy, image-light debrief. I believe that online qualitative methods put researchers in a much stronger position to make presentations that engage rather than enrage, simply because of the richness of the content that they allow researchers to gather.

Building Rapport With Participants Is Key to Good Moderation

A good online moderator will always ensure they build a rapport with their participants, largely because they know that a good rapport is key to getting more information and ultimately more meaningful insight from each participant.

The nature of asynchronous online research makes building a good rapport more challenging than in traditional research methods. The face to face social interactions are removed and one cannot rely on a friendly smile or shared laugh to ‘warm’ participants.

However, a good rapport is easily established when a few simple steps are taken.

The Foundations for Ensuring Successful Online Qualitative Research

Over the years we’ve conducted and overseen hundreds of online qualitative research projects, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly! From our experience we’ve learned that by putting certain foundations in place prior and during research programmes you can go a long way towards ensuring your project is successful and your insight is meaningful.

So, what are these foundations and how will they help?