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3 Expert Tips for Doing Kids Research Online

girltabletIn the first of a new series of blog posts by industry experts, Judy Bartkowiak draws on her vast experience of working with children and shows how to get the best results:

I have been running kids focus groups for so many years and before that I ran a Montessori Nursery School so as well as having hands-on experience of kids as a mum of four myself, I have worked with them for over 25 years. They can be absolutely great, hilariously funny, uniquely insightful and very direct.

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3 Essential Reasons to Use Facebook for Research

This year we took the unique step of using Facebook’s unparalleled access to over 1 billion people, to recruit and run global research communities. The results have blown us away. We have discovered so much more in this approach that we’d anticipated.

So, one year on, I’d like to share the three most compelling reasons why you should start unlocking the vast wealth of insight waiting on the world’s largest social network:

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10 Ways to Get Inspirational Qualitative Mobile Videos

selfie300The mobile phone is a revolutionary tool for conducting qualitative research. 
The ubiquity of smartphones and the convenience they afford, has led to highly contextualised and media-rich feedback. It’s also such a personal device that it inspires more intimate disclosures.


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Premier League Club Engages with Global Fanbase

image young football fansThe Challenge

Liveminds recently worked closely with forward thinking inc, a leading strategy consultancy, on a project for a top-flight Premier League football club. The challenge was to develop a clear, compelling strategic framework to inform and guide the club’s efforts in engaging with an audience central to the club’s future – its young fans. To accomplish this, the priority was to understand the needs, attitudes and behaviours of the club’s young fans, both at home and abroad.

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Learn How to Win More Business from Online Qual

profitsOur next scheduled Masterminds training session, for more inspiring and profitable online qual, will be on Tuesday 6th October 2015 in Shoreditch.


Our goal is to help researchers win more business and get more value from online qual.

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10 Tips for Global Online Qual Success

globesNormally I try not to promote the idea that online qualitative research saves you money. This is because to get the most value you really need to invest in online qual properly (which means it’s not necessarily a cheaper option than face-to-face).

However, in this post on global online qual, I’m willing to change the record. Global online qual, when set-up properly, maximises what you learn as well as reducing costs. Here’s why…

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Unveiling Liveminds’ Fresh New Platform Design

twitterbackground300Today is the day! We’ve launched the new Liveminds branding, bringing a cleaner, more elegant and user-friendly look and feel to our platform.

Don’t be alarmed the next time you log in – nothing’s moved; all the features that you’ve come to rely on are still there, we’ve just given it a new lick of paint. We hope you enjoy the update as much as we do and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

How to Write Inspiring Online Discussion Guides

10fingersSo you’ve won the project. Now all you need to do is write a great discussion guide that inspires your participants to provide the quality of insight you promised in the proposal.

Discussion guides for online qual projects need to be different to those used in face-to-face projects. It’s important to find the simplest way to get your message across as participants can’t see your visual clues or hear your tone of voice.

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10 Ways to Get Online Qual Recruitment Right

crowd1As with any piece of qualitative research, your outputs are only as good as your inputs. This means you have to get recruitment right. In asynchronous online qual the stakes are high. Not only because you need people to turn up a number of times over a few days, but also because you need them to be sufficiently motivated to contribute in full.

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It’s a Big World! Explore it with Liveminds…

luggageGlobal brands need in-depth insight into their customers and markets at home and away. Moving international research projects online makes it easier to reach out to people in other markets, saves money on travel costs and provides rich, cross-border insights that give your clients a better picture of themselves as a ‘global brand’.

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