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Speed Up Project Setup With ‘Create & Add Another’

Adding participants to your project, is not the exactly the most rewarding part of your online qual project. Better then, that the whole thing be done as simply and quickly as possible.

Create & Add Another buttonTo help with this, we have added a little button that speeds the process up for you. When you’ve entered a participant’s details, you can now click a ‘Create & Add Another button to instantly reload the page, so you can get straight onto the next one. The form remembers the key characteristics of the participant you’ve just entered, such as their group and their preferred language. We’ve also made some tweaks to the way this feature works for creating questions, to make entering your discussion guide faster too. If you’ve got a question about this or any other feature, get in touch.

Duplicate Your Projects, Categories & Questions

Nothing is more dull than writing the same things twice. Copy and paste is a lifesaving tool but wouldn’t it be even better if you could just click a button and everything you’d just typed was instantly duplicated, straight away?


Well, the new feature we’ve added to Liveminds enables you to do just that. So, whether you are creating a diary study and wanting to ask the same questions each day of the week, or whether you want to set up another whole project for another market, with an identical discussion guide, now with one click it’s all done. You can even duplicate an individual question.

We think this new feature will save some of you a lot of time and make the set up of your Liveminds project even faster and easier than before. Yet, none of this will compromise the huge flexibility of the  Liveminds platform to create your project in exactly the way that you want to.

If you’d like to see how this or any other Liveminds feature works, please do get in touch.

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Instant Setup of New Participants in Live Projects

Ease of use and flexibility is at the heart of Liveminds online qual platform. Our goal is to make researcher’s work online as effortless as possible, so they can focus completely on finding great insights for their clients.

Of course, the platform is just one part of the project process. Things don’t always happen when we want them to. Recruiters send lists late, participants suddenly have other commitments and need to be replaced, clients make last minute adjustments to discussion guides.

So, we’ve released an update today which takes the pain of this away.

Publish Projects and Questions Exactly When You Want To

Sometimes it just helps to be precise. Co-ordinating the simultaneous launch of a multi- market research projects for instance. Or asking lots of questions in a short time frame without wanting to turn it into one long, dreary questionnaire.

Whatever your reason for needing to be that bit more exact with the publication of your projects or questions, you can now do it with Liveminds. Simply choose the date and time you want each one to go live and your participants will receive an immediate update to tell them there is something new for them to do.

11 Tips for Better Engagement in Online Qual

Engaging in Conversation

Online qual research platforms like Liveminds enable you to engage in ongoing conversations with people, getting closer to them for longer.
– Can respond in their time and place, giving you fresher, truer opinions
– Have an equal voice, giving you a more balanced perspective
– Are now often more comfortable and open when writing than speaking

Our platform is built to make qual research effortless. Even so, you can’t take people’s engagement for granted.
So we wanted to share some key tips, from 5 years of running online qual projects, to ensure you get the most from the participants in your future research projects.

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Software Update v1.6 – Project Interface Improvements

We like to think (and our good clients tell us) that Liveminds is the easiest to use online qualitative research platform out there. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep on  making it even easier to use though.