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Another Huge Speed Boost

Speed BoostAs the meteoric rise of Google’s Chrome ‘fast’ browser has shown, speed is the most important thing to most web users. A new ad campaign by a Swedish broadband provider illustrates this brilliantly, using Facebook’s newly purchased VR technology Oculus Rift, to show how real life would be if you had to ‘live with lag.’

We’ve already made some big speed boosts to Liveminds over the last few months.

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Sell Liveminds as Your Own with Custom Branding

You may not know that Liveminds qualitative research platform can be completely customised to match your or your client’s branding. We’ve consistently found that custom branded accounts help agencies sell their online research services to clients and also get their own team more inspired about offering and running online work.

Comic Relief Branding

All you need to do is give our design team your website address, or, if you want to get a bit more creative, give us a short brief and provide the design assets you want us to use.

Our design and development team will match your Liveminds account to that look and feel, enabling you to sell the platform as your own, or give participants in a community a completely branded experience.  This screenshot shows you the level of customisation you can achieve.


Huge Speed Boost to Liveminds Platform

Speed Boost to Liveminds PlatformThey say patience is a virtue but they also say time is money. All qualitative researchers know about the pressures of meeting tight deadlines on limited budgets. Every second counts in the digital world. Indeed, stats show that 40% of internet users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Speed clearly plays an important role in user experience.

That’s why things just got a lot faster at Liveminds. Thanks to recent updates, the ‘average question page’ now loads in just half the time it did before. This makes setting up and managing your projects faster and easier than ever. And it also means you can keep the flow of conversation going between you and your users.

Patience is a virtue, yes, and some things do take time. But we are very pleased to say that Liveminds page load isn’t one of them.  If you’ve got a question about this or any other feature, get in touch.

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Why Apps Are Essential For Mobile Qual

safari-cannot-open-pageWe launched the Liveminds mobile app back in early 2012, the first online qual platform in Europe to do so. We’ve been able to learn a lot about what clients really need to run successful mobile qual projects since then.

However, in a world where 80% of all mobile internet usage is done through apps, people have already made their feelings clear on how they prefer to use their smartphone. So when I saw Tim Macer’s interesting article on the Esomar website, debating the best technology for mobile surveys, I thought it would be good to clear up any confusion on how this debate could apply to mobile qual.

Software Update v1.8.7 – Dutch and French Languages Added

We’ve added in 2 more foreign languages to the software- French and Dutch are now fully integrated.

Software Update v1.8 – New Home Page Features and Layout

Now that our clients are starting to run lots of online qual projects on the software, we decided it was high time we beautified the home page where you can see all your upcoming, live and closed projects.

Software Update v1.7.2 – Custom Support Email Addresses

Included with the standard Participant Day cost is full technical support of our software, for all users. If anyone needs help during the project we’ll be there to receive the call for assistance and deal with it straight away.

Software Update v1.7.1 – Russian Language Added

We have added Russian to the selection of freely included languages in Liveminds.

Software Update v1.6 – Project Interface Improvements

We like to think (and our good clients tell us) that Liveminds is the easiest to use online qualitative research platform out there. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep on  making it even easier to use though.

Sotware Update v1.5 – Export Your Project to Excel

Word documents are great for easy to read transcripts of the conversations generated in your Liveminds project. However sometimes its useful to be able to do extra analysis and get more from your data, to study offline aswell as on.