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Great Ways to Enhance Market Research & UX Testing with Video – Part 2

LivemindsMobileApp300In part one of this two-part post, Brian Loeb from LeapVision showed how remote video helped with Ethnographies and In-depth interviews (IDIs), in this installment he highlights the benefits that remote video can bring to User Experience (UX) testing and Online/mobile communities.

Great Ways to Enhance Market Research & UX Testing with Video – Part 1

shirts300In the first installment of this two-part post, Brian Loeb from LeapVision highlights the benefits of using remote video for ethnographies and in-depth interviews.

Thanks to the unrelenting advance of technology we can now interact face-to-face even when we are in another place. Video ubiquity provides great benefits to qualitative and UX research, and showing faces is just one side of it. Beyond the importance of seeing the participant’s face, researchers may be even more interested in seeing how they interact with products, services, devices, designs and content.

How Online Qualitative Research Can Stop Death by PowerPoint

No doubt at some point in your career you have either killed or been killed by power-point. There’s nothing quite as fatal to attention spans as a text-heavy, image-light debrief. I believe that online qualitative methods put researchers in a much stronger position to make presentations that engage rather than enrage, simply because of the richness of the content that they allow researchers to gather.