Mobile Qualitative Research Examples

The ability to capture participants’ thoughts and experiences in the moment, gives huge added value to a wide range of qual research projects. Here are some key examples:


Diaries and Auto Ethnography

Where brands want to understand people’s habits and attitudes – be that for shopping, eating, watching TV, taking medicine, raising their baby, washing their hair you can:

  • Extend the power of your online diaries by letting participants submit ‘in the moment’.
  • Get more from your participants by letting them engage with the diary when and where it suits them.
  • Write better debriefs as participants bring their diaries to life with rich multimedia

Live Events

Where brands are staging live events, like a sports match, an awards ceremony, a trade conference, or a musical festival, or running everyday events like theme parks and galleries with mobile qual you can:

  • Capture the real emotion of the event as it happens
  • Share live with clients for immediate reaction
  • Gather rich insight you can easily feedback and discuss online afterwards

Shopper Journey

Where brands want to understand every step of the purchase process for their product or category, participants can now capture those moments instantly, in depth, and in multimedia,helping you:

  • Follow the decision making process leading to the retail point
  • Understand how the in store experience impacts on the purchase decision
  • Bring those experiences to life with video and images