Why Do Online Qual Research?

If you want to understand the benefits of using online qual on your next research project, or could use some help persuading your clients or team of them, we think the information below will help.

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The 9 Key Benefits


  • Gives time for more considered responses
  • Ongoing engagement provides a more inspiring experience.
  • Participating online, at home, creates more authentic insight


  • Opinions are given when fresh in the mind
  • Projects are turned around quicker
  • New angles can be explored instantly


  • Multimedia responses and verbatim quotes bring insight to life and help decisions get made


  • Get more for your money from each Participant than traditional research. 2 hours are concentrated, not split between the group
  • Prior interaction makes face to face more effective


When To Use Online Qual

Qualitative research software like Liveminds can be used for some projects as a standalone solution but more often it is an enhancement to traditional face to face research.

You can use it for everything from small groups on 3 day projects through to micro communities that continue year on year.

Having online conversations with your groups can help get better results for a wide range of different research objectives.

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