Platform Features

Great online qualitative research doesn’t need a million tools that look good in a sales pitch. We focus on making interacting online easy, flexible and enjoyable. We find you get a lot more from it that way.

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Set Up & Support

Super Easy Management

  • Simple, elegant design you can pick up and play
  • Fully automated, personal reminder emails
  • Full ‘project status’ dashboard

Extraordinary Support

  • Emails answered 7 days a week
  • Telephone support 9-6 UK time
  • Free technical support to all users. No training needed!

Questions & Activites

Flexible Conversations

Stimulus Displays

  • Multimedia (video, image, sound) & Files (PDFs etc.)
  • Multiple stimulus per questions
  • Mix and match stimulus types in each question

Multimedia Responses

  • Participants respond in text, video, images, or sound
  • ‘In the moment’ videos from camera, mobile, webcam
  • Unlimited free video hosting

Advanced Options

  • Schedule publication dates and times
  • Set blocker questions to set question sequence
  • Unbiased responses in group conversations

Analysis Tools

Live Analysis

  • Spotlight your segments to compare and contrast
  • Focus on participant gives deeper understanding
  • Clients can observe throughout

Offline Analysis

  • Export Project or Question transcripts in 1 click
  • Download as Word doc or Excel file
  • Customisable Excel file with Question/User filtering

Advanced Features

Multiple Languages

  • 16 major languages included
  • New languages added in 5 days
  • Professional human translation

Custom Branding

  • Custom branded accounts – sell software as yours
  • Custom branded projects for your clients
  • See examples and prices

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