Diaries & Blogs

Blogs and Diaries are personal spaces where participants are empowered to use creativity to express themselves through the written word, videos, images and sound files.

The user generated content provides insight into the everyday lives of participants and their families. A natural way of immersing yourself in the mindset of your participants to truly understand the who, what, where and why. Participants can update their Blog/Diaries as frequently as required and share them with you and your client in real time.

Set your participants Blog/Diary tasks on Liveminds. Encourage participants to upload video, pictures and sound files to bring their posts to life. Use this media to add motion and colour to your project debrief. Make Blogs/Diary tasks ‘private’ or ‘open’ depending on the sensitivity of what is being said. Use our ‘Spotlight’ feature to analyse content and build participant profiles.

Key Features

Questions & Activities

  • Private so that conversations are kept between each participant and researchers only
  • Researchers can present stimulus of any type (multimedia or text based files)
  • Researchers can present multiple, mixed media, stimulus in each question

Moderation & Management

  • Intelligent email updates to tell researchers about new posts
  • Replies allow researchers to probe for more detail
  • Project Status page shows who has done what ‘at a glance


  • Instant ‘compare and contrast’ of the different segments with the Spotlight
  • Export transcripts as Word Documents or in Excel for offline filtering


  • Participant can share multimedia to express themselves fully
  • Participants can log in 24/7 to give insight whilst fresh
  • Instant notifications keep the conversation flowing

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