If you’d like to ensure you and your colleagues can get the most out of online qual technologies like Liveminds, and other New MR methodologies, we can provide one day on site workshops, through our partner consultant Tom Woodnutt.

Bespoke Online Qual Workshop

An in advance briefing session and 1 day on-site workshop including:

  • Methodology: defining the role of online qual (Who they work for, How it , What, When is right and when not)
  • Conversation design: planning an effective conversation (Who, How, What, When – Questions and Moderation)
  • System Training: learning to set up and run a Liveminds project
  • Analysis and Interpretation: how to get value from the conversations
  • Reporting: How to tell clients stories

Intergration of new methods training

An in advance briefing session and 1 day on site workshop including:

    • Mobile research
    • Social media
    • Online qual
    • Online communities
    • Multimedia reporting
    • Intercept Surveys with Web Analytics
    • Co-creation

To find out more about our training workshops, please call us on +44 207 837 7270 or email us at get in touch.

Watch a Demo of Liveminds

A 1 minute demo of Liveminds in action,
showcasing all you need to know.

Play Video Demo